Cornwall Land Air and Water
Cornwall Land Air and Water

Highgate Hill House School Legionella Risk Assessment

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Highgate Hill House School is a recently opened independent school for children aged 5 16 years with Special Education Needs. In order to ensure that their water system meets safe standards CLAW were contracted to undertake a legionella risk assessment and programme of water sampling.

The comprehensive sampling programme assessed the schools hot & cold water system and all relevant points in the system including water storage tanks, hot water cylinders and point of use water heaters.  Water samples were also taken from representative points to assess the water quality and check for the presence of legionella bacteria. The programme of testing confirmed the water was good quality and that there was no legionella found in the system.

Following water sampling CLAW provided the school with an in-depth assessment report on the system and gave practical advice on actions they could take to further reduce the risk of legionella bacteria.  

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