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Contaminated Land Risk Assessments

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We provide contaminated land risk assessments and investigations that support planning applications for developments across the Cornwall and the South West.

Help with the planning process

Historic uses of land in Cornwall have led to increased risks to people and the environment in some areas. Because of this contaminated land risk assessments are a staple requirement of many planning permissions.

Our environmental consultancy provides landowners and developers with a range of risk assessments including Phase 1 and Phase 2 contaminated land reports, which can assist with successfully achieving planning permission.

Planners have a duty to consider the impact of contaminated land on human health during the planning process. Risk assessments undertaken by the team help to determine this link and whether there is a risk to human health.

We provide a complete range of contaminated land risk assessment and report services

Working as part of Cornwall Council's Environmental Protection Team, our environmental specialists fully understand Local Authority and Planning requirements. Our role in delivering Cornwall Council's legal requirements gives us unparalleled technical expertise modelling human health risk linkages in the region.

Risk Assessment services include:

Through undertaking tailored risk assessments and surveys our team can help determine and advise on whether a site needs special management and land remediation.

How we determine whether land is contaminated

The team reviews whether land contamination exists by examining whether a ‘significant pollutant linkage’ exists. The three components listed below must always be present to create a pollutant linkage:

Source - the contamination in, on or under the land

Pathway - route by which contamination reaches the receptor

Receptor - broadly defined as living organisms, ecological systems or property.

If there is a break in this pollutant linkage (i.e. there is a source and a receptor, but no pathway) the site cannot be defined as 'contaminated land'.

Contaminated land assessments tailored to your needs

We work with you to provide a contaminated land report that provides recommendations tailored to your objectives and budget where remediation is required. Please contact us for more details.

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