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Scrap Yard Contaminated Land Assessment

CLAW’s contaminated land experts worked with Cormac to design and undertake an investigation into the contamination of an ex-scrap yard site, which was under consideration for purchase.

The client required a detailed assessment completed in just two weeks, in order to inform purchase decisions. Working with the partner contractor CLAW designed and undertook ground investigations and assessment of soil contamination. A comprehensive detailed human health risk and groundwater risk assessment was then undertaken, enabling the client to fully understand the level of contamination on the site.

Delivering the work on time and within budget, the comprehensive risk assessment report was modelled using scenarios for both residential and commercial development upon the site. The extensive detail of the investigations gave the client confidence in the ground conditions and development opportunities for the site, enabling them to make an informed decision on the site purchase.



Scrap Yard Contaminated Land Assessment



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