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Air Quality

Our team of air quality specialists provide air quality surveys, assessments and support, tailored to your needs. We offer bespoke services using our extensive monitoring equipment to all industry sectors and our air monitoring services can be tailored to any requirements. We provide services including indoor air quality monitoring, construction and development emissions, local air quality management for other local authorities and technical planning advice. Whether your project requires simple monitoring or long term support please contact us for advice or a quote.

Indoor Air Quality Assessments and Monitoring

Our environmental consultancy provides a complete indoor air quality monitoring and assessment package that tests for a wide range of indoor air pollutants. We also offer Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) advice and assessments alongside our indoor air quality monitoring service.

Air quality assessments help businesses protect the health of their employees

In the UK people may be exposed to indoor air for more than 20 hours per day. Poor air quality can have a detrimental impact on human comfort and even health. Identifying and quantifying pollutants through air testing is therefore of paramount importance to effectively managing air pollution and protecting employees health.

The most common indoor pollutants for air testing are:

Indoor air pollution has many causes

Sources of indoor air pollution are numerous, these may include:

We monitor and assess a wide range of indoor air pollutants

Air testing solutions are available for most indoor pollutant substances. All analysis is conducted, where possible, through accredited UKAS framework laboratories and air quality reports are provided by our qualified and experienced consultants

We can also provide support for BREEAM assessments to conform to the HEA 02 Indoor Air Quality guidelines.

If you have any concerns regarding indoor pollutants please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Emissions and Dust Assessments

Cornwall Land, Air and Water provide dust assessments and monitoring throughout the planning, site preparation, demolition, remediation and construction phases of any development.

We specialise in air quality monitoring and assessments

The key sectors we provide emissions and dust monitoring and assessments for are:

Many different types of dust can affect workers health

Fugitive dust may arise at all stages of construction. While the main focus of construction site monitoring is for PM10 and PM2.5, emissions of toxic gases and vapours can also be significant. The most common construction dusts are:

Dust and emissions from demolition and construction can impact on air quality and have significant effects on the health and quality of life on surrounding populations.

Health impacts from poor air quality can be serious

Health risks include:

We can monitor and model air quality throughout all stages of construction

We are able to provide bespoke air quality monitoring and measurement programmes for pre-construction baseline conditions of air quality through our extensive monitoring database. We also provide long term post construction monitoring for fugitive dust, construction dust and re-suspended particulates.

Whether your project requires simple screening of impacts, baseline monitoring, short or long-term monitoring please contact us.

Local Air Quality Management Services for Local Authorities

Cornwall Land, Air and Water provide a comprehensive Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) service with the preparation of complete Air Quality Action Plans, strategies and assistance with consultation.

This includes a range of bespoke air quality monitoring programs and assessments, advice on monitoring, reviews of monitoring networks and ratification and reporting of data.

We understand the needs of Local Authorities

Being part of Cornwall Council's Neighbourhoods and Public Protection service we have extensive experience in providing local authority services and our strong partnerships, access to high quality data and equipment enables us to provide high quality services and information.

We tailor our services to meet your needs and understand the pressures on local authorities.

In order to help you achieve your statutory targets and ease the burden on valuable staff resources, we can undertake any aspects of local authority duties with regards to air quality management.

You can trust our Air Quality Team

Our air quality team are highly experienced in all aspects of air quality monitoring including data management, reviewing and preparing technical reports, the provision of guidance, information and comments on planning applications.

We can offer services in

For additional information on our range of LAQM services, advice or a quotation please contact us.

Air Quality Consultancy Support

We provide cost effective air quality monitoring

We can help your environmental consultancy save money and deliver a more cost efficient service to clients, by undertaking air quality monitoring and assessment on your behalf.

Our team are highly experienced in air quality monitoring, reviewing and preparing technical reports, the provision of guidance, information and planning applications.

We can offer services in:

You can trust our Air Quality Consultancy Team

For additional information, advice or a quotation please contact us.

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